The Zuumcraft Interceptor

The Interceptor is an industrial grade workhorse engineered for Police, Security and EMS operations.

The Interceptor provides individual officers all-electric transportation for:

  • Safe, stable and intuitive platform
  • Rapid response in crowed situations
  • Improved officer visibility
  • Increased patrol & pursuit range
  • Reduced officer fatigue on long patrols
  • Positive interaction with the public
  • Increased payload capacity (up to 200lbs.)


Applications include:

  • Stadium, crowd and parking security
  • Parade patrol and other special events
  • Airport, factory & marina security
  • Government building security and more


The Interceptor offers:

  • Programmable speed settings with electronically restricted 20mph top speed
  • Front wheel drive 1000 Watt brushless hub-motor for quiet maintenance-free operation
  • 40 mile range with 200lb. rider, successfully handles 12% incline
  • Advanced lithium-ion+ batteries with quick swap for instant range extension
  • Reduced operating costs to only pennies a day
  • Custom paint and graphics available
  • Custom emergency lighting and siren packages
  • Easy mount and dismount
  • Self-standing parking with security alarm
  • Comfortable operation standing or seated 
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Intuitive ride, easy to learn
  • All wheel steering, All wheel disc brakes
  • Twin power cutoff brake handles for extended battery life
  • Advanced material brake pads
  • Twist throttle with LED battery power monitor
  • Wireless key operation and alarm system
  • Headlight and tail light/brake light
  • ISD™ suspension enables superior handling and dynamics
  • Locking top-case for rain gear, etc. 
  • Full one year warranty